Here are 10 Success principles I came up from the success story of Tobi Amusan.

Congratulations to Our World Champion Who has her family , Nation and the World So Proud of Her Outstanding Performances especially now as a Guiness World Record Holder.

Oluwatobiloba Ayomide “Tobi” Amusan (born 23 April 1997) is a Nigerian track and field athlete who specialises in the 100 metres hurdles and also competes as a sprinter.  She won the 2022 World Athletics Championships in the 100 metres hurdles, setting a new world record of 12.12 seconds in the semifinal, followed up by a wind-aided 12.06 in the final to take the gold medal. She was the 2018 Commonwealth and 2018 African champion and is also a two-time African Games champion in the event. She won the Diamond League Trophy in Zurich in 2021 in the 100m hurdles.

Here are my Takes on Tobi Amusan Success principles.

  1. Power of Spirituality, Personal Development, Mentorship ( Team Work) in Manifestation of Dreams to Reality

She posted this on her social media page.

I never doubted God. I believed in my Coach, my training program and I knew it’s MY TIME and MY TURN.

On the Adidas Wall of Dreams prior to the race, I wrote in
faith, “Incoming World Record holder & World Champion”

I am glad it’s now a reality!!

She also given 100,000 Us Dollars cheque for Record breaking performance.

This shows that using this process of positive expectations and leadership ability to be able to bring a vision to reality is a spiritual process. She also found mentors people with results and coaches who has helped her achieve her goals.

She didnt just pray or affirm for success she also worked day and night , blood , sweat and tears to make her dreams a reality.

  1. Begin with the End in Mind

Behind Every Glory There is a Story.

At the Early Stage of her life and career , She knew what she wanted from life and wrote down Goals for her life, both short term and long term Goals and she started to make plans and take baby steps along the way to Achieve her Big Vision and Goals.

  1. Discover Your Purpose and Talents.

The most important day in life is the day is you discover your why what you were born to do on earth.

Amusan showed a lot of athletic potential from an early age.

She was born in Ijebu ode , ogun state Nigeria, schooled at Our Ladys of Apostle girls secondary school , Ijebu ode.

Then later started training at Teslim Balogun stadium in lagos , before she found her way to a USA college. While USA must have contributed to her success as an Enabling Environment, there are other athletes that migrated to the USA but didnt blossom or become as Good as she is today.

It was her discovery of her talent, resilience and passionate commitment to make her goals happen that got her here.

She was a silver medallist at the 2013 African Youth Championships in Warri.  She also claimed gold in the 100 metres hurdles at the 2015 African Junior Athletics Championships in Addis Ababa. In 2015, while making her All-Africa Games debut as an eighteen year old, she won the gold medal in the 100 metres hurdles.

  1. Choose a Niche and Become a Specialist at it.

Tobi Amusan Started with General sprints in track and field alongside 100m,150m, 200m, 400m and 100m hurdles and also long jump and relay races and indoor 60metres and 60 m hurdles.

Before Fate and Chance brought her to choose the hurdles racing as her Specialist Event.

What area in your field or career do you want to become a specialist in instead of being a Jack of all trades and Master of None.


It is not what happens to us that matters but in how we choose to respond.

Failure or dissappointment is not final , it is just a feedback.

Tobi Amusan has experienced setbacks, failures and challenges, missed out on the top 3 positions but never gave up she was always improving and trying to get better before she became Known.

Noone remembers 4th postion but always remembers the first or Winners.

Every athlete embarks upon a unique journey, but
for World Championships fourth-place finisher
Tobi Amusan, her unorthodox arrival upon the
hurdles is a story worth explaining.

Disappointed to have been replaced as a member
of the Nigerian 4x100m relay squad at the trials
for the 2014 African Youth Games, she asked
what other event could she enter outside of the

When organisers suggested the 100m hurdles
and with the top two automatically selected for a
place in the Nigerian team for those Games,
Amusan figured she had nothing to lose.
“If it is run and jump, I thought l’ll do it,” she
recalls. “l had played around with hurdles in
practise but I had never competed before.”
Discovering she had only one other opponent
that day. Amusan, much to her surprise, triumphed in the 100m hurdles trials race before going on to earn silver at the African Youth
Games in Botswana in only her second hurdles

  1. Long term Vision takes planning, Persistency and Sacrifices.

She made a quote on twitter as follows. “Unknown now, but I will be Unforgettable… I will persist Until I Succeed”

That was 6 years ago in 2016 and someone who has not seen this and may think the Big things happening to her today happened overnight , it was a very long term goal and she was very patient also.

How many people can wait for 6 years to blow and become Big. The time it almost takes a Medical Doctor to complete studies in school, it was a very long time.

Many People want to Success Quick and in two months, they are so quick to give up when they do not see results immediately.

  1. Make Your Family, Friends, Country and the World Proud by What you do

Tobi Amusan has made herself, her family, her country and the continent of Africa proud.

She dominated the races, from the heat where she broke the African record, to the semi final where she broke the World Record, to the final where she once again “broke her own world record”, albeit with a wind speed above the allowable limit of +2m/s.

  1. Constantly Always Improve

Tobi Amusan is now the very first Nigerian to

✅ First Nigerian to win a Diamond League trophy.

✅ First Nigerian to break a World Record.

✅ First Nigerian to become a World Champion.

With this, she becomes the first Nigerian athlete to become a World Champion. She is also the first Nigerian athlete to hold a world record.

She also broke the world record twice in the same event.

  1. Using The Law of Attraction and Making It Work For You. ( Speak it , believe it and Receive it)

What is the most inspiring of all is that she spoke her current achievements into existence. Talk about a practical example of the law of attraction. Speak it , believe it and write into existence what you want to achieve and if you work hard enough, it will come to pass.

Congratulations to Tobi Amusan- African, Commonwealth and World Champion.

  1. Power of Affirmations and Setting Goals.

Tobi Amusan long before she started to Win races especially over time going as far back as 7 to 10 years ago she has started to set goals and targets for herself when she started racing in her high school as early as age 15.

Her Goals were Smart Goals that had baby steps and several milestones and stages.

She developed the habit of speaking positive affirmations for her goals and she actually worked hard for them.

It was a process and never an overnight story.

She had a lot of patience , knew this was a long term project and took it stage by stage. Step by Step and today we see the results as she became National Champion , African champion , European champion and Now World Champion and A World Record Holder.

Bonus Tip:

Financial Rewards Come When You Find out What You are Naturally Good ( Your God Given Talent ) and Nuture it to be able serve others with it.

Nigeria’s Tobi Amusan gets $100,000 for smashing world record in  women’s 100m hurdle.
Have you ever found your purpose or talent you were put on earth to fulfill?

In the Global or Virtual World we are, there are opportunities on the internet such as Youtube or finding ways to serve international clients or customers.

Have you asked yourself Questions like this. How Can I earn in Us Dollars or International Global Currencies doing what I do here.

When you ask Questions You shall receive.

Question of the day.

What did you learn from this Success principles and how can you apply them to your personal and professional life?

Dr Laide Okubena

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