Quick to beating yourself up but do you self-check?

Taking a moment to list our sales goals and objectives for the new year was oxymoronic, simply difficult and we were intentional.

Someone said; If you’re going to sell more every year, you need to get better every quarter.

Knowing your numbers entails finding out, at every point in time, the biggest cause for growth within your career. This helps you laser-focus on the right metrics and know how best to spend strategies in actualizing the overall sales target you have given yourself/team.

Did you check?
📍If you are running low on sales for any number of reasons.

📍Maybe your marketing campaign is focusing on the wrong people.

📍Maybe it’s obsolete.

📍Maybe there is just too much competition within the platform you are using.

📍If you effectively handle difficult or contentious customers by communicating with them respectfully and trying your best to accommodate their needs and wishes. 

📍If you are continuously working towards improving the customer experience by strengthening your realtionship with key clients and ensuring my follow up strategy is consistent and effective. 

📍If you go beyond what is required to ensure that are customers are educated and informed on the topics that may concern them. 

Just a few days to the end of the first quarter, . As much as we would love for a marketing strategy to be a “set it and forget it” feature, it’s something that needs to be routinely checked up on and revamped.

Staying on top of your game and adopting new marketing strategies is not late.


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