Some believe all you need is a great product in order to succeed…

But think about this ..

why do inferior products outsell the competition?

‍Because an effective positioning strategy is about being different, not better.

We started this series yesterday and I promised to share tips on what have worked for me, I will continue with number 3.

2. You position yourself with your appearance. First impressions get set in stone very quickly. And, like it or not, the way you look is the most important factor in shaping those first and lasting impressions. All you have to do to see how vital good appearance is, is to reflect upon your own reactions to people you meet. Don’t you pay more attention to people who look important than you do to people who look sloppy? Most crucial, your prospects judge your importance by the way you look.

3. You position yourself with your actions. Your prospects determine your importance, your intentions, your reliability – and many other critical factors – by watching everything you do.

Let your actions be in alignment with how you’ve projected yourself. I was almost going to make a costly mistake. I got a corporate job training, I wanted to request for payment ahead of time to tidy up some things I needed to do for them, my inside contact told me, don’t do it, they have rated you high in their mind. This action will drop your rating… I realigned and tidied up my end.

4. You position yourself with your words. Every word you say positions you either as a person to be considered important or as someone to be dismissed as quickly as possible.

I will continue tomorrow. May i say this, It’s important to develop a compelling positioning strategy, and even more important to execute it consistently and repetitively. My name is Dr Shogo, I am Salt, Light and Honey. Have a beautiful day.

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