You are totally responsible for your life(especially as an adult).

In Advance countries in UK, US , Australia, Japan and the likes.

The day you clock 18 years old you can start living on your own , working to earn a living either you are a graduate or not.

E shock you abi 😨😱?

This is the foundational principle you must embrace ifΒ you plan for happinessΒ andΒ success in your life and work.

For many people, everything is someone else’s fault.

I am myself used to believe it was village people who were after my success , a witch or wizard in the village , a distance relative or someone didn’t want to succeed.

This thought itself was a limiting belief for me that held me down for years and delayed my success.

Some of you have bought into what your pastor or Imam is telling you that one witch or wizard or your father or Mother or Sister or brother is the one behind you not making progress in your life personally or professionally.

Who are you blaming this year for your lack of sales this Quarter ?

Who are you blaming for your lack of not acquiring high income skills ?

Who or what are you blaming for your current stagnation , is it Federal Government, State Government, PHCN or Nepa, Your Father or Mother or Your Upline or Downlines ?

Hold ups in lagos , the distance is too far , or it is too near, your current qualifications or lack of education or lack of money or resources?

The Day My Life change Financially, Spiritually, emotionally and general wise was the day.

I stopped giving Excuses , I took responsibility for my failures , I took responsibility for everything I failed to do.

I stopped blaming my father , my mother, my upline and team member and even Nigerian Environment for my problems.

I said I am responsible, I took charge and I took control of my life and my destiny.

That was the day I started to Experience massive changes and transformation.

I started to make money regularly, I started to travel and Qualify for International trips, I started to attract my life partner, I became married, I became a father for the first time.

I was appointed BRG Business Development Manager. Things started to Change for me the day I stopped blaming Anybody for my lack of results or my failures.

There will always be problems and challenges your taking responsibility is the first step to finding solutions to the challenges.

Making excuses instead of taking one hundred percent responsibility for your actions, your thoughts, and your goals are the hallmark of people who fail to succeed both in their professional lives and personal lives.

My encouragement to you today , this week ,is that : stop giving excuses for things not working in your life.

Start to take Responsibility.

Question of the Day.

What Excuses have you been giving yourself in the past as reasons why you cannot achieve your goals?

Write them down on a sheet of paper and also beside them write down a solution to this Excuses with an Action Step Today.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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