Real Estate Facts for Those who want meet their Sales targets in 2022.

By Dr Laide Okubena

If you don’t have a consequences for you when you don’t sell or meet your sales goals.

You may never meet your SALES GOALS in your life time on Earth.

It was just like today I wont have done my COVID-19 test If I didn’t know that my passport may be banned from travelling hence I made it a must for me to take the test.

See guys if there is nothing for you to miss out or lose out on that is a MUST for you.

You will never sell even 1 plot while you are still alive here on earth.

You will accept very low standards and accept things way low below what you deserve.

You will be overlooked for opportunities and many great things in this life and your career.

You will never qualify for any incentives that matters the most like cars , travels incentives or House.

Your career will be filled with mediocrity and poor results.

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