5 Daily Practice of Successful Realtors

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Here are my Top 5 Daily Practice I have discovered that Top Selling Realtors practice

First Daily Practice of Successful and Top Selling Realtors

Top Selling Realtors focus on what their clients and what they get first and not on themselves.

Top Selling Realtors focus on what their clients will get, on the happiness and satisfaction on the client and they want the client to get the end result.

Top Selling Realtors focus on Clients first and not on themselves. How will their life and Quality of their life get better?

Daily Practice Number 2

Top Selling Realtors are always on the Radar of their Clients.

Out of Sight is out of the mind.

If you are out of the sight of your clients , they tend to forget.

Top Selling Realtors are always in front of their clients radar in Different ways.

What platforms will you be to still remain on your clients radar?

Is it youtube channel, linkedin, instagram, club house, whatsapp , facebook or any of the status of this platforms? πŸ˜ƒ

You tell people about what you do , do you have a business card, fliers.

Daily Practice Number 3 of Top Selling Realtors

Top Selling Realtors do some routines every single from Monday to Sunday.

Top Realtors say their sales goals every single day.

They write it down on a sheet of paper or diary or book they check daily.

They recite their affirmations every single day.

They listen to their sales target every single day.

They read their Quran or bible verses every single day.

They connect to the Maker for spiritual guidance and clarity from above.

They exercise , they reach out to a client every single day.

Daily Practice Number 4 of Top Selling Realtors.

Prospecting Every day is a routine of top Selling Realtors.

They have a prospecting or leads book with Names and Numbers of Prospects who they are going call Every Single day.

They pick up the phone and make at least 15 to 40 phone calls daily.

They send text messages on Linkedin , Facebook and Instagram every single day.

What are your money making activities you do every single day? πŸ€”πŸ˜ƒπŸ’°

Daily Practice Number 5 of Top Selling Realtors.

Marketing of their Brand Every Single day.

Top Selling Realtors do sponsored ads i.e they pay for Adverts , instagram, facebook, youtube, Nigerian Property Centre , Jiji paid ads.

They are on almost all platforms , podcasts, youtube, twitter, instagram,LinkedIn, Jiji, Nigerian Property Centre, facebook , blogs, website, seo etc.

They pay for their ads themselves to generate leads and Qualify them and start calling them.

They have their email lists and website.

That is what Top Selling Realtors Do as their Daily Routine and practice.

Question of the day

Which of this 5 Daily Practice are you doing on a daily basis?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Β©Dr Laide Okubena

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