What did you do that helped to land you your first paying  client?

What did you do that helped to land you your first paying  client?

Pls I will need your answer on this to help others. Thanks

Aladeotan Ademola Was talking to a friend, that I hope you know I sell land,and she said that true oh……I even want to get a land sef….that how the ff up …commenced and I got my first paying client

Dr Laide Okubena My First Client was Facebook friend who saw post and bought a former colleague at the university of Lagos and also another one was the one who collected a flier at the supermarket from me 😊😊😊

Dr Laide Okubena 2nd client got my details and I collected her number and ofcourse I started follow up on her , guess What Na rice she dey sell for Market  😳😳😳 I couldn’t believe of all people na Rice seller go wan buy And pay Outright

Olakunle Makangreat My two first sales comes from:
1.Word of mouth.Immediately I joined the business I started telling people that I am into real estate and give as many I can talk to fliers of land.
And and so long my pastor called me and told me he was interested and after inspection he made the payment.
Secondly from email marketing blast.

Stanley Abraham Got my first client through Whatsapp broadcast, where a friend posted to his old students group and I was called.

I has asked several questions and they were please by the answers they got and bought.

Very important point, always know your products, documentation, landmarks etc.

Karo Itoje For getting the lead I used a website to target buyers so my first sale came to me. He called me up and I followed through. For closing the sale good follow up, built trust and a bit of small Naija sense.

Jonathan Imoh Good morning house. On my first sale as a consultant, I sold 6 plots all from the word of mouth and face book adverts. I remember that I did not wait for my upline Mr Tony to take me for inspection nor did I go to the sites with the companies that owned the property. What worked for me was persistence and continously updating myself about the properties. I’ve made more sales since then.

Engr Isaac Adeyemo I dropped adverts in my secondary school old students whatsapp platform in July 2016, a call came through and a sales was made in August 2016 by an old classmate

Seun Ajibade I posted it in my Secondary school reunion group, one old school mate in Malaysia saw it and that was it. Someone else has prospected him but he was sceptical

*Dr Laide Okubena*Another Funny client was a Danfo Bus Driver who got my flier and he bought.

Tom My wife linked me with one of her childhood friends. I educated  and followed him up

Chillzthing My first sale was my brother inlaw after multiple what’s app broadcast. Same with 2nd, 3rd. 

Always send bc and always add people to it.

It’s one of the cheapest ways.

Tolani Ogunmoye My First sale came after 9months in the business, when it eventually came it was my next door neighbour when I was in the university over a decade ago, who now lives in London. (Anywhere you find yourself be good). I want to believe he finally saw the video that caught his attention (Beautiful Location + Affordability), it came after persistent posting on all social media platforms . For the fact that he lives abroad I had to contend with his family members here in Nigeria,His  mother , brother and very busy sister,’it took a little while but  all questions were answered and they didn’t even have to go to site since they had seen the video I did there and also since my integrity has never been in question. they bought a week or two after their initial enquiry.

Abikoye Emmanuel My first client is a passer by from my Facebook ads who becomes a spectator through my whatsapp broadcast updates for prospective clients. He later becomes a believer and follower who becomes charmed with my attention grabbing messages and then he open his wallet to purchase 1 Plot of Blevic Garden then.

Victoria Kolawole My first sales was gotten from Facebook.  This client on Facebook who saw Aspire’s post. Aspire is use to put his number and mine on his post. The client called him but he couldnt pick because he was on inspection then and couldn’t respond to him so he start to chat with me
He bought and he is even my successline now.

Gbenga Adeleke I got my first paid client through facebook posting. The client based in London and he had been following my updates for so long but he wanted to be very sure if he’s on the right track.

One faithful day, he called me that one of his brothers will communicate with me later in the day to inspect the land. And when  his brother call, I took him on inspection and the client made payment.

My advice is, whatever means of adverts you are currently making use of don’t relent. People are seeing your advert and they will definitely remember you when the time is ripe for them to buy.

Femi Jacob I got my first paid client through facebook posting. He lives in Dubai. I tagged his friend & he saw my post on the wall of his friend which I tagged. He called & bought Blevic garden.

Hassan Ismail My 1st client was from Facebook. He is based in Abuja. He showed interest in Royal Haven. I added him to my broadcast list and bombarded him with boradcasts. After 3 months, he called that I should me him in Ibis hotel Ajao to for inspection by 8am. I got there 7am. Had to wait for him to finish his sleep 😊.

He chartered a taxi to & fro Ibeju-Lekki. A week later, he paid the 600k and I got my 90k.

Aiyedun Bosun My first client was tru the usual fantastic whatsapp broadcast. At first she claimed it scam and nothing but 419. After much persuasion and further broadcast backed up with the intelligent video, she succumb finally and even without physical inspections cos she is based in Abuja and sometimes visit Lagos on official duties. she bought 2 plots of summit place for 6Million and like magic 0.9Million naira hit my account. the funniest of all is that after the first, she bought another 2plots of bricks and bars and has since then been recommending me to referrals. All thanks to my able upline Chief Coach.

Dorcas My first client was someone I added up on IG, and he never like any of my post but always observe, but one day he screenshot one of my advert and inbox me on whatsapp, after we close the deal that I later new he was my childhood friend hubby, I was so surprised, it’s a small world

Adewale Makanjuola He saw my Facebook advert just a month when I joined the business, he got magnetized with it, called me for further briefing, went for inspection by himself alone even while it was raining heavily. He informed me that he has made payments for two plots – Casavilla…. I got alert in my account even when I never met this client… I only got to know him when I insisted I have to bring his docs to him

Bhelefit A friend that saw my ad introduced my first client to me. And I had to arrange an impromptu meeting with the MD of Revolution Plus to win him completely.

Opeyemi My first client is a friend of mine. I created a WhatsApp broadcast group, listed names I think will respond on my notes, and then I decided to send updates on a daily basis to them. Actually I had to send updates on properties of the same price range to them. He (my friend) then responded by asking for details about star city gardens. And constant follow up was implemented from there to seal the deal

Angel Ifeoma Ezeh My first sale as a consultant, I sold 2 plots all from a friend I never thoughts would ever invest,  I remember that faithful day he called and told me he was interested in investing that we should see, I did not take him serious because he’s always looking for a way for us to see, so I ignored him. Then he called and asked for an inspection, I was surprised and we went for the inspection, he said he was going to get back, and the next inspection he came for, he made payment. I learnt a lesson after he made that payment, which is, you never know who is interested in investing, so don’t ever look down on anybody, keep advertising you and you’ll definitely make sales. And since then, I’ve made more sales since then.

John Emoabino My first client was through Jiji. He bought 5 plots of Blevic gardens ibeju lekki. The man actually did a thorough research on the land and also the company and I had little to do to convince him  about the product because he was already convinced with my write up  on my post.

Copy and paste is good but a little editing wouldn’t hurt you,put some personal words so that you will not be lost when a prospect calls to ask questions.

# we making money this year#.

Bright My 1st client saw my post on 1 of the group i belong to on facebook and den comment on the post but I never take him serious because him didn’t look like someone that can afford million until when him add me up & started asking me some questions.

My 2nd client search get my contact for Olx & when we saw each other him open up to me that before him contacted me he saw different consultant post before my but him use to contact me because I asked the same name with him…

#still praying for the 3rd deal & many more deals to come…😁😁😁

Shoproperty My first client contacted me from nl he wanted to buy a property of 12m but one other agent took him to another estate where they offered him 4 years plan which I could not offer him .  But after buying that he came back to me and said u have tried for me  pick Any property  of your choice below 3 m and I will come and pay.  The funniest part is that he paid since last year and he has not visited the site till today  🙌

Osas My first client is someone that I’ve helped his son get admission into university outside Nigeria without charging him a Dime and when real estate opportunity came I forwarded the Landwey property description to him via whatsapp he asked few questions sent his Brothers in Nigeria to go with me for inspection and he bought 2plots remember there was trust on ground before he involved his money. Build trust.

Olawale Aremu I got my first client through a mutual friend on Facebook. I created a post and tagged 50 Facebook friends and 2 weeks after someone called me to book inspection to the land. The day he promised me, he didn’t show up and I was already giving up on the deal but I kept following up with him. Because I have visited the site before, I was able to take him there and the deal was closed. Thanks to Mr Hassan for the guidance.

CRE My first client is a leader in my church. Before I joined this group, I was to market for another real estate. So, I was to connect him with someone over there. But when I joined this group, I had to sell Oshflex to him.

Toyin Marafa My first sale was thru Instagram…a client from u.s saw it, he use to be my Skool father back then and the last time we saw was over 20 years ago, he sent his brother to inspect and he bought 6plots from me, jst 2weeks after I started real estate Biz.

Kelechi Nwogu My first sales was to my ex-boss who saw my advert through WhatsApp broadcast. He saw the consistency in my broadcast of properties. He called me up. Finally he bought a plot without going for inspection. Till date he has not seen his property but he knows its safe and intact and I can’t swindle him.

Olumide Kembi My first sale came almost a year after I became a consultant. My persistence in posting on several social media platforms caught the attention of one of my course mates in LASU (presently in the UK). She contacted a mutual friend of ours who put in a word for me. And made up her mind to buy. But there was almost a snag when she convinced her neighbour in the UK to also buy one. That one has a brother in law who she sent to inspect. After inspection, he demanded for 50% of my commission before he would give a go ahead for the purchase. I had to enlist the support of my course mate to talk to him before he agreed to take 20%. And that was how I was able to sell 2 plots of Arium

Sodiq Kosoko My first sale, I sold a plot of Gracias Garden, it came from a referral. The person that referred me is yet to buy as I type this though we are still on talking terms to invest, but she has a lot of plots waiting to be developed according to her.

She introduced me to my first client, My referral drove us in her car, we inspected, thanks to Gold Mark for helping out with the inspection, we discussed about the possibility on return on investment.

She made payments the next working day.

I got my commission and I was like wow!
This business is so sweet

Muyiwa Adesanya I remember my first sale came from word of mouth form of marketing ….before applying any digital form of marketing….I did a lot of word of mouth marketing…it eventually paid off after some time, one of the people I had spoken to bought a plot of Gracias Gardens. This eventually paved way for  more referrals.

Samuel Metajuwa My first sale came  through an advert I posted on a classified ads website Jiji.ng

Topnotch Realtors
I can humbly say that my first  sales testimony was a bitter sweet experience, the bitter part was the real estate experience I had in adron homes and properties as an operation staff,  guys we do offline marketing, as a matter of fact we hawk land, we force ppl to buy land with initial deposit of   N500, it was DAT bad, traditional marketing was hetic and target needed to be met with 5 percent commission, no more no less. Guys it was hell. Fastforward, to Oct 2016 after spending two years in adron I met my upline online, he taught me the rudiments of online marketing, met some internet gurus like gold mark my main guy in d network, low and behold practiced wat I was tot, my first sale came from an online advert royal haven gardens, three plots. 15 percent commission, wen I got d alert I fainted for 2mins cos I was paid that much in adron homes. As if DAT wasn’t enuf, I recruited my down line tunde Cole, DAT same week I sold, he sold 5plot of royal haven, he sold 5plot of oceanwood, my account was running into millions, then I got gingered,  from DAT day every part of  real estate marketing became my life. My advice for those DAT are yet to make sales is DAT keep pushing.  Keep posting online, even if nobody is liking or commenting. U will get that call DAT will turn your bank account into phone numbers soon
Sorry I forgot to tell u dat adron boss locked me up for promoting other properties.  That was where the motivation came from.

Real estate rocks

Segun Sonowo I landed my first sale via WhatsApp, which has still been my most fabulous medium. It was on an Alumni Group. The prospect got interested, but told his Lawyer to do a due diligence. The Lawyer told him of the “danger” of buying an “Excision in Process”. My prospect heard his lawyer quite alright but still went ahead to buy 5 plots of Eden View. But what really gingered me was KYP. My upline encouraged me to join EUC Monthly Site Inspection Tour, and that got me wowed! So I want to encourage all Consultants to take Site Inspections serious. And I won’t fail to mention the encouragement from my Success Uplines and our ever supportive and inspiring Chief Coach. God bless you.

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