Must-Have Habits To Become a Successful Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

Everyone wants to be Successful in 2022.

Nobody goes into a business with the goal of failing in the end. It’s not enough to desire success in real estate sector but to know how to achieve the desired success in the business. The question then is how do you achieve success as a real estate agent in Nigeria?  Below are helpful habits that will set you on the path to success in your real estate business

1 Be Proactive: Manage your time.

2 Devise A Plan.

3 Technology

4 Keep Learning.

5 Respond to your Leads promptly.

6 Advertise Online.

Bonus Tip

Work on Your Appearance, Mindset and Closing ability.

Be Proactive: Manage your time.

The Difference between a Successful Realtor and An Unsuccessful One is their ability to Manage Time Properly.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. The Top Selling agent has 24 hours a day and the Struggling and unsuccessful agent also have 24 hours a day.

How you plan and use your time matters a lot.

Practicing a proactive approach to the ever-changing market forces of supply and demand in the real estate sector sets you on the path of success. You need to be proactive by giving your attention to generating leads, leveraging referrals and building a structure around your business.

Devise A Plan

Planning is a key component in becoming a successful real estate agent in Nigeria. That why the famous quote if you do not plan to succeed then you have planned to fail is very true in any situation. Before you take any step regarding your business, ensure you have developed a plan for it. Majority of the failures recorded in real estate market among real estate agents is as a result of lack of a plan. In setting your goals, ensure they are SMART(specific, measurable, accurate, realistic and time-bound) goals.

In achieving success in your real estate business, there are no shortcuts. Ensure you adapt your plan to varying situations. You must be very flexible to adapt to different situations when one plan or route is not working as expected.


Technology is a very effective tool for becoming a success in your real estate business. Embrace the digital age by using means of technology to expand your business, attract property finders, network with other professionals and get more referrals. The reality is that technology has provided tools you can use to maximize profits.

Keep Learning

To remain relevant as a real estate agent in educating your clients, you must keep educating yourself. The key here is continuous self-improvement by reading books, feedback, watching videos, going for seminars and interacting with other agents It is quite important you stay updated with the latest trends and happenings in the world of real estate.

You must also go for tours , open houses, site inspections to educate yourself and your prospects and clients on latest updates in those locations you are selling.

Continuous learning will not only give you success but keep you at a competitive edge above your colleagues.

Respond to your Leads promptly

As a real estate agent, responding to the leads is as important as getting them. Make it a priority to respond to leads as quickly as you can. The real estate market is time sensitive, so as an agent you need to always respond promptly.
Lately, because of the increase in the number of agents in the Nigeria real estate market, it has become very easy for other agents to take up your potential clients if you do not respond promptly.

Advertise Online

You must understand that advertising is highly targeted at the people and companies that need your services as an agent.

Therefore,you can advertise your properties online on a reliable platforms Such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google ads, YouTube, tiktok, reels, WhatsApp, stories , Blogs, websites, Nairaland, Jiji and Nigeria Property Centre and Many other platforms.

Online advertising is quite  effective as we are in a tech savvy generation.

Bonus Tip

Work on your Appearance

You cannot be selling luxury real estate of 200 M or 100 M in Ikoyi, Lekki Phase 1 or Ikeja GRA and look like a 700k Realtor in Appearance.

You have to drop the habits of putting on bend down Select clothes and shoes you picked up at Yaba night market or oshodi or Ajah cheaply to go for appointment or site inspection with HNIS High Networth Individuals. They know quality when they see one. Dress how you want to be addressed.

Work on your Closing Ability

Work on Learning how to close the deal, from answering of objections, knowing the decision makers that help in closing a sale.

From building rapport to follow ups and answering questions and having good knowledge of documentations and titles.

Finally work on your mindset and make sure you are always focused , positive ,optimistic and have a it is possible mindset.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.
Question of the Day

What did you learn today on how to become a Successful Realtor in 2022?

I remain Dr Laide Okubena.

The Real Estate Doctor.

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