Making Sales with Social media without being Spammy

Finishing off the day with no sales and feeling icky from your efforts is one of the quickest ways to make you quit.

Here are 5 tips to help you make more sales with no chasing, begging or spamming involved.

#1. Know your niche and know it well!

If you don’t know this part, then save this post and go get clear on this piece first!

Knowing your Niche is necessary in order to attract the right prospects to you!

You want your followers to

-Know what they can expect from you

-Know what you stand for

-Know that you are consistent

-And, connect with you through your messaging!

So do not skip over this part!

#2. Facts tell stories sale..

This is so true!

Sharing your experience rather than telling the facts is crucial!

You want people to relate to your story.

Most people naturally hear a story and instantly compare it to their life.

If they can relate to your story, it will stand out.

When they are ready to buy, whether that is now or down the road,

By sharing your story and consistently showing up in this niche, Your name is likely the one that will pop into their heads.

#3. Share what others are saying!

Likely you jumped into this company based on what another person shared with you.

It’s a powerful tool.

Go find testimonials that others are sharing, and with their permission, share their stories with others.

Many people will resonate with your stories.

But other peoples stories can give a new perspective and experience for your audience that maybe didn’t resonate with your own.

#4. Share it here. Share it there. Share it everywhere.

By re-wording your messaging and saying it again and again, you are not a broken record, I promise.

Talking about the same things, in different ways, showing up over and over in your niche..

People very quickly put you on a pedestal in that area of life.

They need to know what you are about.

They need to hear about your niche every day.

Create a list of topics within your niche and share through out the week, changing it up each week, but staying specific to your niche.

It does pay off being specific and intentional.

#5. Last but not least.

Take advantage of your stories, pages and if you dare, video.

Build your brand on your page! Attract others to you instead of running to them!

There are many ways to share your information.

Utilize all the possible ways and styles to do this on your platform.

And always, remember to have fun with it.

Don’t be so serious that you can’t enjoy the journey.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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