Hashtags are one of the best ways to reach a lot of people organically, especially on Instagram & LinkedIn.

The problem is that a lot of people do not know how to use to use them.

Heck! People even use them on WhatsApp. πŸ˜‚ (Please don’t be that person).

Hashtags works differently for different social media platforms, and understanding how they work will guide you to using them right.

On Instagram and LinkedIn, you can follow a hashtag, and even when you do not actively search or click on that hashtag, the algorithm will show you contents with hashtags you follow.

On Facebook Hashtags are less effective because you can’t follow them and if you do not click on a hashtag, you won’t see contents with that hashtag. Far less people click on hashtags to discover contents on Facebook.

On Twitter, using trending #hashtags is a great way to reach more audience, but a good social media marketer knows it’s wrong to use hashtags that are irrelevant to your content. That’s hashtag hijacking.

TikTok is probably the best social media platform when it comes to using hashtags to reach more people. On TikTok the algorithm shows people more videos that has hashtags they’ve previously engaged with. Your video could go viral by just using the right hashtags.

Do this to get the best out of your hashtags

1. Research:
Apart from using hashtag research tools, dig out relevant hash. Start from a broad category hashtag like #fahion or #marketing. The look up other related hashtags which people use along with them.

2. Mix high volume and low volume hashtags: High volume hashtags are hashtags that have been used 1 million times and above. Love volume hashtags are the once that have been used less than a million times. Avoid using hashtags that that have very low volume (100 and less) as they’re usually useless.

3. Use hashtag groups: Hashtag groups allow you to mix up different hashtag on your post and reach new audiences everyday. You can have as much as 10 hashtag groups. Also make sure to reshuffle them at least once in a month and add need hashtags you’ve discovered.

4. Use niche community hashtags.
Find community hashtags in your niche and use them. These are hashtags used by community built by an influencer or a community built around a particular product or brand.

5. Use 8-15 hashtags. Do not stuff your post with too many hashtags as this may trigger the algorithm to limit your visibility.

With hashtags, you can grow a lot of followers on Instagram, so go and start fixing your hashtag.

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