The Bigger the Problem The Bigger the Pay Check

The Bigger the Problem The Bigger the Pay CheckπŸ’°

Written By Dr Laide Okubena

Whenever you are talking to Prospects or prospective Clients.

The greater the problem you are trying to Solve the greater your Value ,the greater your influence.

Who are the biggest paid people in life , they are the ones who solve the biggest problems or challenges in life.

Are you ready to Solve the biggest problems?

If you are not ready to Solve Bigger problems, you cannot pray for Bigger or Desire Bigger Paychecks.

For Instance As A Realtor, you are Paid To Solve the Big Problems of Match making A House or Landed Property to The Right Customers or Clients.

You are also Paid for helping your team members also Solve the Same Problems as a Leader.

The more of these problems you can Solve , the more you get paid.

Ofcourse People who avoid Problems or refuse to bring up Solutions to this Challenges.

Companies and Developers will pay you well to Solve this Problems and that is why you get paid a percentage in commissions for solving the problems of house shortages or selling investments to the customers who need them.

Are you trying to master valuable skills that can make you a problem solver ?

Can you do things such as sales and marketing, negotiations, content creation, copywriting, digital marketing, website design, leadership skills, communication, coaching , Entrepreneurship in solving problems ?

Question of the Day

What Problems are you trying to Solve for others that you have mastered so Well and Can get Paid for it so Well, List them out and for who and what audience are they?

How can you reach out to this people today ?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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