Successful Real Estate Agent Daily Schedule [Ultimate Guide]

Successful Real Estate Agent Daily Schedule

Written By Dr Laide Okubena

Daily Real Estate Agent Activity List and Planner


Today, we know we need a daily schedule to be successful in real estate. This doesn’t come as a surprise. However, knowing you need a plan and implementation are two drastically different concepts.

The real challenge lies in choosing the right activities and sticking to your plan. In order to do this, we need to know which activities are going to move the needle on your business and we need to understand habit formation.

Choosing the Right Activities

Selecting the right activities to do on a daily basis can be one of the biggest hurdles when you are growing your real estate business. There are so many things competing for our time and attention that we can run around all day but not actually get anything done. (Activities
On the other side of the coin, you can have a day of hard work, but you don’t see the result. (KPIs)


When selecting activities, you should vary the tasks you do but focus closely on the Golden Hours . This is your prospecting time! Also known as your Power Hours, Hour of Power, Do Not Disturb Time, and a few terms that contain some harsh words that we won’t repeat.

During the Golden Hours

Here are the activities

Calling, Emailing, Texting, Social Messaging (Not browsing social media… nice try 😉)

Role Playing

Handwritten Notes

Following Up (leads and prospects)

Calling/Texting Your Database

Door Knocking (hard to do during your Golden Hours because people usually aren’t home but awesome for evening/weekend prospecting)

Prospecting online

Geo-Farming Prospecting (circle prospecting) – What is circle prospecting?

Circle prospecting is a lead generation and marketing strategy that relies on the premise that homeowners who live nearby your recently listed or closed home will want to know about it. 

Google Adwords Campaign

Annual Real Estate Evaluations (one of the best activities you can do in real estate)

Networking Event (usually done outside of the actual Golden Hours)

Buyer/Seller Webinar

Creating a Facebook Ad

Live Facebook Video

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators):
When planning your activities, this is the big one. Nothing happens in real estate without consistency and one leg up you are about to have is most of your competition will not stay consistent when times are tough.

Some recommended KPIs with how often they should be performed

Gratitude and Affirmations (1x Daily)

Face to Face Conversations (5-10x Daily)

Phone Conversations (5-10x Daily)

Phone Call Attempts (5-10x Daily)

Text Messages and Social Messages (5x Daily)

Prospecting Emails (5x Daily)

Social Media Posts (1-2x Daily)

Events (2x Weekly)

Real Estate Evaluations (2x Weekly)

Facebook Live Video (1x Weekly)

Market Report Video (1x Monthly)

Email Newsletter (1x Monthly)

Set targets and consistently hit them and you will be producing at a high level before you know it.
We recommend speaking to a minimum of 10 people a day, so that includes Face to Face Conversations, Phone Conversations, and Text Conversations. Emails do not count but should make up part of your daily prospecting.

Sticking To The Plan

Sticking to the plan is the second part of your schedule. Choosing the right activities and focusing on your KPIs is the first part, but the real challenge comes in when you are having trouble sticking to your plan.


Let’s dive into a successful real estate agent’s daily schedule and plan. Every day in real estate can be different, but I recommend keeping your mornings the same EVERYDAY. Allow more flexibility in the afternoons and evenings.

In this schedule, you will see the following:
Fitness: Working out of any type
Gratitude and Affirmation: Quick 5 minute gratitude and affirmation practice
Admin Time: Emails, Paperwork, Administrative Calls
Golden Hours: See above
Creation Time: Media creation time including videos, podcasts, blogs, social content, etc
Learning Time: Educating yourself about something in real estate
Appointment Time: Time to show homes and go on presentations
Meal Time: This one is obvious. Put food in your mouth for this one
Flex Time: Your choice but work related
Events: You’re out moving and shaking at a party, event, or out with friends
Off Time: No real estate talk, tasks, or anything like it

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about building a successful real estate agent daily schedule!

Question of the Day.

What are your favourite daily activities?

What is one thing you never miss doing on a work day?

What is the hardest thing to do?

Dr Laide Okubena

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