High Income Skills What you need to Secure Your Future and that of your loved ones

High Income Skills What you need to Secure Your Future and that of your loved ones

Written by Dr Laide Okubena

What if you could have high income skills that would give you the ability to take care of your family, pay other people to do those boring chores, or stop thinking about whether you can afford the cost rent and those basics of life ?

What if your job could mean more to you than just a passion or a paycheck?

If someone else could help take care of laundry , or if you could go out for dinner more often without checking you’ve paid your bills first – imagine what your lifestyle would be like. Imagine how your life would change if you had high income skills.

What Are High Income Skills?

High income skills are skill sets that will earn you an income of $10,000 or more each month, or $120,000 or more a year.

Back in the days you needed to rely on a Job or a An Employer of labour or high income Job to secure your future.

Today you don’t to need rely on a President of Your Country or a Company or a Boss to determine your Earnings or Financial future.

You need to focus on developing your Skillset.

The Market place determines your value or what you can earn.

This means an high income Skilled Professional has options and not limited to a Bad Economy of a Country or Boss or a Company for his earning capacity or limited by a salary.

This is determined by the value you are bringing to the table or the market place this determines your earnings and not decided by any company or Individual.

That is another new cheese you must be aware in this era.

To put that number in context, Americans have a medianhousehold income of $61,000.
That means if you took all the total incomes of American families and lined them up from small to large, the income number you see the most often is $61,000.
Most families are making HALF what they could be making with high income skills! In a study of the cost of living for 25 of the largest cities in the USA, they found a range from $40,000 in El Paso, Texas, to $110,000 in San Francisco.

Poverty remains significant at 20.1% in Africa’s biggest economy and with most billionaires and millionaires in Africa .

According to a 2018 report by the World Bank, almost half the population is living below the international poverty line ($2 per day), and unemployment peaked at 23.1%.

Poverty in Nigeria can also be caused by the political instability of the country. However, these programs have largely failed to overcome the three reasons for this persistent poverty: income inequality, ethnic conflict, and political instability.

High income skills would give you enough income to cover the cost of living for all 25 of the largest US cities in this study, including, LA, Boston, and Washington, DC.
Here’s another way to think of the high income lifestyle.
It would mean picking up the phone to call the plumber when your bathtub has a problem, instead of wasting hours watching YouTube videos so you can learn to fix the problem yourself to save money.

Now, you might be wondering, what if you don’t have a high income skill right now? How can you get one? Or, if you don’t want to go back to school to retrain, can you still acquire high income skills?
You can upgrade to a high income skill while on the job or return to school for training. Here is a list of high income skills that will make you 5 to 6 figures a month in dollars or 7 or 8 Figure income in Nigerian Naira.

Here are 5 Reasons why you need to Master A High Income Skills.

1. The school system in Nigeria is OUTDATED!

If you already got a 1st degree (HND or Bachelor), don’t rush into having a masters degree if you don’t already have a financial succour as the chance of getting a job after will still be slim (except your profession is in high demand and it requires such a 2nd degree). Go into the market first and understand it, plus understand yourself. Our parents & grandparents old economy/labour model is fading out, wake up!

2. There is more competition for jobs now than ever before, and its largely UNFAIR!

Nigeria presently has 308-degree awarding institutions: 174 universities (43 federal universities, 52 state universities and 79 private universities), and 134 polytechnics – both with an enrolment population of about 2 million and produce about 600,000 graduates yearly.

3. There is presently a crazily high unemployment & underemployment rate in Nigeria.

According to Nigerian Bereau of Statistics, NBS, the labour market in the country (as of 2020 Q2) already has an unemployment rate of about 28.6% I.e. 1 out of every 4 work age group person has no job at all, and combined with underemployment rate (working but no commensurate payment), it’s about 55.7%. And yet, we are adding 600,000 new graduates yearly.

4. Based on the present prevailing situation, the rate of job creation in Nigeria can NEVER match the rate of our turning out graduates or the already existing employment deficit!

According to the recent estimates by NBS, the average number of new entrants into the labor force is currently estimated at 1.8 million a year against 1.1 million new jobs created, adding about 700,000 people to the rank of unemployed per year.

5. Our population growth per year is about 2.56% I.e. about 5 million new humans are added to 9ja per year, and thus, more graduates & non-graduates will be increasingly pushed into the labour market.

List Of High Income Skills To Learn

1: Software and Web Development
2: Entrepreneurship
3: Copywriting, Business Writing, Technical Writing
4: Specialized or Technical Skills
5: Web Design and Digital Marketing
6: Teaching, Training or Coaching
7: Supervising Teams and Operations
8: Legal and Administrative Skills
9: Sales, Closing, Deal Making
10: Public Speaking
11: Creative Skills
12: Financial Skills
13: Cyber Security
14: Artificial Intelligence
15: Digital Content Creation
16: Real Estate Consultancy
17. Cloud Computing and Networking
18. Leadership Skills.

Maybe you’re not sure which high income skills you should learn, or which one interests you more. Start by thinking about your soft skills – the traits that help you to interact with other people. Are you creative? Do you like to persuade?
LinkedIn rates those two soft skills as the two most in demand this year. It has also rated the top in-demand hard skills – the teachable skills that you learn at school. Cloud computing and artificial intelligence are at the top of the list for 2022.

Final thoughts

The income gap between rich and poor is wider than ever, leaving many to wonder: When it comes to making an income, how is it that some people seem to end up on top, while the rest earn less overall? Is it about personality, or is it a straightforward matter of your profession? It’s both. To build high-income skills that make money in any economy, you must leverage your personality and build your skill set. Your personal traits – your values, emotions and passions – are the driving force behind every decision you make. When you harness your internal resources, you’re able to focus on building a skill set capable of reaching your goals and increasing your income. You’ll find that the same high-income skills in 2021 will also serve you in years to come, since they derive from your inherent personality traits. 
The personality traits of incredibly high earners distinguish them from lower-income earners. High earners consistently implement the above high-income skills.

Question of the day

What is your plan to secure your future Financially ?

How do you plan to improve high income Skills?

Are you aware that today your Financial future is determined by you and not a Boss or any Company especially when you are high income Skilled Professional?

The cheese may be moving but you as a professional can also move along with the new cheese and put your destiny in your hands and not leave it to be decided by Government or External Sources outside you.

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

© Dr Laide Okubena

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