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I love this song so much that I had to listen to it several times when I find myself losing motivation for my business especially when it comes to things like prospecting, lead generation, following up , Product Knowledge and closing deals as a Entrepreneur.

Lesson Number 1



What brought you here last year 2021 will not keep you there this Year in 2022. You Must Act on New Moves , New Strategy, New Knowledge, Skillsets to Upgrade or Else You will be left behind in the scheme of things.

The First thing you see in the video is that the Richest Man in Africa goes to work every morning.

This is amazing ,even when you are the richest black or African on the forbes list he is still hungry for more and he still prospects, and of course his team , staff, employees and marketing and sales force are also doing their own part.


Lesson Number 2


Burna Boy sang it like this Mode lati lowo odi dan dan

I must get this money it is compulsory.

But ofcourse it has to be legally and not fradulent.

Because Iya mi Obimo odoyo

My Mother didn’t give birth to a dunce as a child.

Is it because I dey do am for love lyrics talks about Passion for what you do.

You need to be passionate about solving problems for your customers and creating value for them.

When you have passion for what you do everything comes easily when you are learning and taking action.


Lesson Number 3

Successful People still look for more Success.

Billionaires still dey find Money

Successful People still have the hunger and don’t believe in one hit wonder kind of Success or accidental success.

Folorunsho Alakija a Female Billionaire still has the hunger in her.

She still does business till still solves problems in form of solutions for her customers via Companies and gets rewarded.

Mike Adenuga of Global com we all used to still see global com adverts on TV, listen to it on radio ,YouTube, social media, even on LinkedIn.

Femi Otedola has 1 million followers on Instagram

Femi Otedola still does business and still passionate.

So Burna boy asks who I be who I be Who I be ?

Wey I no go find money?

Imagine a Two Time Grammy Nominated Artist who is at the peak of his career and is dominating the music scene didn’t seat down on his last year success.

He is Now a Grammy Award Winning Artist. His Hardwork has finally paid off.

He called up Sean Combs to produce his new album twice as tall, did collaboration with Cold play lead singer on his Monsters that you made song.

So you think you are now a top selling realtor or top selling Entrepreneur because you sold some plots or houses you now think you have arrived, when people who are ahead are still hungry and still dey find how to solve problems and proffer solutions ( they still dey find money).


Lesson Number 4

Even In Dissappointments Keep on Striving and Bounce Back from your defeats.

When I dey strive and I dey hustle wetin I dey find ?

Kaluba I dey find

When I dey move from place to place.
( networking, creating products, going for tours , streaming his music on social media platforms).

And I don do Yes Yes and many people don tell me NO NO ( I will get back to you)

And he says I go hustle till thy kingdom come.

You must also learn how to prospect online and offline.

From churches and mosques.








Email marketing

Sponsored ads


Presentations etc.


Question of the day

What did you learn from this music hit Dangote and the role models he mentioned in form of Otedola, Alakija , Dangote, Mike Adenuga ?

Thanks for your attention and please enjoy your day.

Don’t forget to go to church and Asalatu and lets also pray for God’s blessings and favour in our efforts.

Dr Laide Okubena

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