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Here is my take on the recent breakthrough on the trending latest artist to experience his breakthrough last month of December 2021.

Did you know that there are thousands or even millions of people with ambitions to have a Successful career in the music industry but die on the sidelines or eventually find another thing to do when they find how difficult it is BLOW up.

Infact Myles Munroe once said the richest place on Earth is the Grave yard. It is the place where many dreams never happen, but got taken to the graveyard. A place where Many Multimillionaires and Billionaires exist but never manifested while on earth.

Here are the Success Rules of Portable who after 10 years finally blew up.
Portable Omolalomi

The Street talented Artiste Portable Popularly Known as Omolalomi aka son of Shaku Shaku aka Street Problem, aka Wahala Musician isΒ the new trending Nigerian Artist with Several hit single.

Father of 2 who is 27 years of age, hails from Ogun state and go by the real names HabeebΒ Okikiola.

Here Comes The Success Rules Of The Zazuu Zeh Crooner Portable Omolalomi that brought him to the lime light so far.

Hardwork is No Longer Enough ,Smart work is Very Important to Boost Your Hardwork to Success.

You need the God factor

You Need Destiny Helpers

Momentum is needed to Sustain Success LONG TERM

Humility is Needed


Sales is the lifeline of Every Business Even in Entertainment.

Failure to plan is planning to Fail in 2022.



Rule Number 1

Hardwork is No Longer Enough ,Smart Work is Very Important to Boost Your Hardwork to Success

The Street talented Artiste Portable Popularly Known as Omolalomi aka son of Shaku Shaku aka Street Problem, aka Wahala Musician isΒ one the new trending Nigerian Artist with the trending hit song on social media and the streets and streaming platforms.

Father of 2 who is 27 years of age, hails from Ogun state and go by the real names HabeebΒ Okikiola and is also known as Yaromaiswag .

The Zazooo is the Trending Street Slang Now, rocking December 2021 and obviously the New Year ( 2022 ).

However, Portable has been in the music industry forΒ 10 years hard work of 10 years didn’t help him blow until he went smart and connected with the right people who could help his career that is SMARTWORK before his final break through Poco Lee and proper recognition from top singers like Olamide ,wizkid ,Davido and Naira Marley.


Rule Number 2

The God Factor

No Be Who first go police station dey win Case.

It wasn’t an easy journey for him on the street, once accused of stealing but he didn’t give up.

Imagine this is someone who may have been burnt to death or have given jungle justice but by the Grace of God he is still here today.

Success Rule Number 3

You Need Destiny Helpers

Portable was introduced to Olamide by Poco Lee who showed him a video of him and immediately, Olamide picked interest and called up to make a song the next day.

No Man , Nobody makes it alone.

We need Destiny Helpers, the right set of people, mentors, coaches , team members , clients/customers , the right set of people to help us get to our Destination or Next Level etc.

If you do business or you are into sales. You definitely need Poco Lees in your business who can refer you to the Decision Maker ( The Customer ) who will pay for your goods and services ( Olamide in this case who heard his song and decide to bless him with a life changing collaboration) that turned from an unknown artist to famous and rich overnight after 10 years of being Unknown in the music industry and nothing to show for his 10 years of hustling.



Success Rule Number 4


Skillset is very important in the 21st century, your ability to solve problems in the market place and get paid for it.

What Skillsets will you be mastering in this Year ?

Portable’s Net worth is estimated to be over $10,000 which is roughlyΒ 4,135,000.00Β in Naira and counting as he is now getting booked for many shows.

Success Rule Number 5


Portable’s skillset is in music industry to entertain music fans and ofcourse earn via online platforms
Such as Instagram, Tiktok, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook etc

What product is Portable selling his Talent of music and also using social media platforms to distribute it and he gets paid via some of this streaming platforms and also live shows and gets paid.

Success Rule Number 6


Portable got two own a car and a Range Rover to his name which he got just few days after his breakthrough in a month.

Through the Effort of a Mentor Olamide and Manager Kogbagidi and Even Poco Lee.

Portable gets to meet people like Davido, Wizkid , Tiwa Savage, Naira Marley and Many More Stars Who may be of help in a Collaboration to helping in his Next Level or Even Give him Platforms to Display his Talents and get paid.

Success Rule Number 7

Failure To Plan is Planning To Fail.

Successful People seat down to review how their whole past year went , learn and look at what went wrong, what went right and where adjustments can be made and Work on the New Year theme , goals and Vision and even have accountability partners to keep them on track for a Successful Year.

Success Rule Number 8

Humility and Momentum to Sustain your initial Success for the Longterm.

Without Humility of asking for forgiveness from His Manager Kogbagidi, Pocolee and Olamide or Even Celebrities who came to his rescue to beg on his behalf in December.

He was about to be sent back to the Village , Village people were almost calling Portable back to Sango for his outburst on social media calling out pocolee angrily.

What got you here to your current success won’t take you to your next level , you need to build on the momentum to move to the Next Level. Portable cannot seat down alone on this single track alone for a long career in the music industry.

No Successful Artist has only one HIT TRACK, it would take consistency over the next months and years to be truly Successful.

Here are my take on the success rules of Portable Omolalomi.


Question of the Day

What did you learn from Portable recent Success story and breakthrough in the Nigerian Music Industry?

How can you sustain your initial Success or breakthrough and still maintain Momentum for more and Repeated success?

Thanks for your attention and Please Enjoy your day.

Dr Laide Okubena

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