To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.
…… Anonymous

Repeating the same mistakes of 2021 in 2022 will yield nothing but massive failure. A lot of Consultants do not want to improve not to talk of perfection especially those who are old in the business.

Change your methods of operations. Upgrade old skills and add new skills. What I have seen and the kind of actions taken by some realtors got me wondering and then I said ” It has started”.

Here are some of the mistakes we have started repeating in 2022:

Not enlightening/educating Prospects about the services

A lot of Consultants don’t want to say even a word to the Prospects. The moment someone says I need a land on the mainland or Island, the next thing they do is to send flyers and documents. They will not ask questions, listen to what they have to say, understand what they need and then proffer solutions.

As a consultant, enlighten them on what acquisition is all about so that they will know that they are not falling into the wrong hands. Enlighten them on the statutory fees and the reason for it to be paid before allocation etc.

Sending Documents/Videos to Prospects you have not seen

Many Consultants will never study the FAQs and forms before sending such to the Prospects or clients. It is only when they are asked why a corner piece plot attracts 10% extra that is when they will open the FAQ document. When you delay in responding, the prospect will think there is something fishy.

Watch the videos for mistakes. Some of these videos have the contact details of someone else or may have the wrong price or information.

Marketing Estates you have never visited

This is one of the biggest mistake a lot of realtors made last year and they have continued from where they stopped.

Videos gives limited information that is why you need to go to the site yourself. You are in the same city where you have the property but you so not know the landmarks around it or the other development. It is a big shame on you.

You should visit those sites. Even after a general tour to that site , Book for an inspection or go there on your own to get another impression of the place.

Same old write-ups, Nothing new

All the write-ups of last year for the same property is what a lot of Consultants are still posting. Nothing new. Your posts should market a growing business and not something stagnant. Even some still send the same old pictures they took in March 2021 to Prospects.

You need to visit the site and get latest updates of the current state of the property. Stop waiting for the companies to do a video or send you pictures. Go on your own. See for yourself.

Write new things. Give them something unique. It may be the same facilities but present it in different styles. Carve a niche for yourself & business.

Lack of research

Research is one aspect a lot of business people ignore in this part of the universe. You need to get information not just on the property but everything about the location of the property and the real estate industry.

What is the state government saying about the real estate industry? How far have they gone with the Lekki deep seaport? When will the dangote Refinery be completed? What is the unique story about Epe people or Eleko? Which resorts are in that location? etc…

With such information, you have enough to make inspections with your Prospects as entertaining and enlightening as possible…

*Make the right videos right”

When I did my training (Paid) tagged “Site Groove” video creation was a part of it but a lot of Consultants were not interested. This is 2022, they have started making the same mistakes again. They want to generate leads via the videos…The goal of a video is not to generate leads but to connect and draw attention to your services or business…

Let us not repeat old mistakes…To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often.

Let me stop here today and don’t take your time.

Have a lovely week ahead

Kome Ibagere

The Real Estate Explorer


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