A well designed pillar will fall if it isn’t set in a solid base…Anon..

Why are you in this Business?

The first route to failure is when you have a wrong intention in creating a business. A lot of us have joined the real estate business because we believe that it is where the gold is mined.

Our focus is on what we want to earn and so do everything possible to just achieve that and nothing else. If this is your only course of action then you are not an entrepreneur of the Real Estate industry.

There are 3 characteristics of Real Estate entrepreneurship:

* A commitment to service
* A desire to provide Value
* A love of teaching.

When you do not possess these characteristics, no matter the superior level of your knowledge, superb branding, fantastic office setting, wonderful Websites, powerful digital marketing techniques you will not go far.

Some clients ( if they don’t have other options e.g family members) will still do business with you but they will never tell others about you.

No Referrals = No continuous Business.

This is 2022, define the reason why you are in this business. A lot of Consultants struggled last year because they did not understand the real reason why they joined this business. So irrespective of everything they learnt they still couldn’t forge ahead.

This is the time to build a solid base for your business. You are a Consultant Realtor and you need to know first who you are. Knowing who you are helps you to define what you need to do to understand what this business is all about.

As a Consultant, you are :

1. A Solution Provider

2. A Care Giver

3. A Seer of Future Investment Returns

4. A Knowledge Broker.

When you don’t visualize yourself as having all 4 qualities then you are a Salesman or a Marketer hence you will not function well in the Real Estate industry.

This is the 4th day of the year…Start working on yourself. It is time to unlearn. You need to reformat your system so that you can reinstall and set a solid base for your pillar not to fall.

Understanding who you are as a consultant and why you are in this relationship based business is the first and most important route to success in 2022.

Kome Ibagere

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