The money you keep in the bank will not generate any reasonable interest at this time but the land you buy will appreciate in value in few years.

Here are 3 reasons to invest in Real estate:

Capital Appreciation: Real estate investors make money through rental income, any profits generated by property-dependent business activity, and appreciation. The value tends to increase over time, and with a good investment, you can turn to profit when it’s time to sell.

Low risk investment: We have heard of stock market crashes and low interest on fixed deposits, REAL ESTATE keeps appreciating even when the property values fall.

Use as Collateral: Collateral is one of the biggest obstacles faced by entrepreneurs in obtaining a bank loan to start a new business or acquire property (such as a factory, machinery or equipment), especially in Africa. Owning a property makes it easy to request a loan.

Being a realtor may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but some people who have already tried a career in real estate can testify that, so far it has been mindblowing.

Real Estate is highly profitable and can lead to better quality of life.

There are several keys to making you become multiple deals closing realtor.

For real estate investing newbies, don’t be afraid of the challenges and pitfalls you may encounter along the way. There is a lot to learn, but in the long run, after you have gained some experience, you will become a master at closing profitable real estate deals.

5 core skills are necessary for building yourself in this business.

✅) You must learn when and where to find the right kind of sellers.

✅) You must learn the art of being a master negotiator when it comes to closing your real estate investment deals.

✅) You must be able to quickly and accurately analyze each real estate investment deal so you will know exactly when to proceed and when to pull the plug.

✅) You must become an expert in all areas of real estate investing and understand terms and other terminology common in the real estate investing trade.

✅) You should understand the meaning and concept of investing in real estate, including all of the financials and benefits.

Most Importantly, you must ask for support when needed. Support from your upline, selling company, and additional people who are rooted in sales. Some deals are big and help will be needed.

Today, let your confidence level grow.
❇️Decide that today’s experience is to shape who you will become.
❇️Don’t stop there
❇️Continue to learn about real estate and develop your investment skills.

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