Don’t be one of those marketers , salesman or Realtors who closed their business in December….

Did you know who will be the people walking the stage at the next event in 2022? Do you know those who will be cashing out Big Time in January or February 2022.

The ones who work in December.

It’s ok to take a day off, but not 15 days off.

Especially is you’re not where you want to be yet…

Some people wonder why their volume drops and their team switches off? In a month where people spend the most in the whole year???

It’s the mindset 🤔.

Not all your work has to be on the stage or on site inspections or open houses.

a lot can be done behind the scenes too or working from home or your vacation spots.

Create your goals, business plans, make vision boards, get ready, hire a coach, a mentor, invest in a new course, learn a new skill!!

I have started paying for new courses and started planning for 2022 already.

My wish for you is to have the BEST YEAR EVER!! 🎉

© Dr Laide Okubena

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