Tips Top Selling Realtors Do To Keep and Build Relationships and Keep Old clients coming back for more referrals

Before it gets late, start drawing up a list of friends and family you’ll send Christmas gifts and hampers to.

You are bigger than a cheap “Merry Christmas” WhatsApp message.

Draw up a list and a substantial budget that matters.

Here are some examples of gifts you can plan for:

– Expensive wines (not that cheap grape juice we call wine)

– Robust hampers

– Clothing

– Fragrances

– Experiences (movie/show/play tickets, dinners, etc)

– Online vouchers/gift cards for shopping and subscriptions (Amazon, Spotify, Netflix, Supermart, etc)

– If it’s a family member, cancel out 1 year’s school fees for one of their kids

– Books are too cheap. Give them as an extra, not as the main thing.

These are just examples of course, not a manual.

Give something you can feel.

If you’re waiting to hammer first, well, that is why you have not hammered.

You’re too afraid to give for fear of hunger. And so money does not respect you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn experientially, how giving is done.

If you’re not used to this, I’m challenging you to stretch yourself and the amounts of happiness and appreciation you are capable of generating in others.

I know that all fingers are not equal but the smallest finger does not have to be you.

– John Obidi

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