Psychology of Selling by Coach Lanre Olusola.

Put together by Dr. Tony Aspire Kolawole

Pls read and act on it. Too much money to be made this December πŸ’°

11 questions you need to answer and get right about selling…

Q1.What is selling?

a. Identifying a need:
The strength of a brand is in d problem it solves. If u solve a serious problem u will make serious money.
b. Determination of value.
c. Identify who needs your value.
d. Agreed exchange BTW needs and value.(place)
e. Negotiation /seeing value (Close)
f. Mutual benefits …satisfaction and fulfillment by both parties
g. Referrals…that’s the true value…a satisfied client will always refer you.

Selling is a process that never ends.
When you selling luxury u must look luxury.

When selling , 93% is projection of who You are without saying a word.

Everybody is selling but not everybody is buying cos you don’t have the value they need. But whether consciously or unconsciously you are selling.
Stop selling products , start selling Solutions..

Amplify people’s problem to demand for your solution.

Understand body language
1. Visual languages, make them see or visualize,let them see what you sell.

2. Auditory Tonal: to hear,quite, fountain falls etc of locations you selling to them

3.Kineasthic – about feeling, to feel d peace and serenity in the environment etc

Speak their language not your own language.
Use their preferred sensory code to make sales to them.
Don’t use logics to sell to an emotional person and don’t use emotions to sell to a logical person.

Q2 Who is selling?

Your Fear, confidence, personality, emotions, belief, values, knowledge, passion, excellence, experience, faith, rapport, flexibility, resilience, brand,etc is the one selling.

We live in a world of energy and people feels your energy.
If u have a negative energy or emotions, people will resist you. Always stays positive cos it creates an oral around u like 8m away from u. We have to be a bundle of positivity and is all about your thoughts , emotions and your words that’s selling.

Q3.What are you selling?

– understand the core needs of your client….so ask questions and listen not hearing so as to pick out the key needs that the client needs. You are selling a solution and for u to sell u need to be an effective listener

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your listening, cos what you listen to determine how you react, and how you react determines what you will become.

Q4. What is the sole purpose of selling?

To solve a problem and meet a need.
Never make it about money or achievement or rest of mind, if u meet a need all those will align or follow.
If you sell something to someone they don’t need all because you need money, on d long run he or she will think u duped(scam) him or her. If you cant meet your client need, let him know and refer a frnd or someone who can that will meet it, guess what the client will respect you for that and even refer you to friends that will need your products.

Q5. What is the solution that u sell?

As a real estate professionals ,you want to sell
Comfort, safety/ security,proximity, luxury, status, bargain/affordability, investment, inheritance etc.

Q6 Who are you selling to?

Is the same thing to who is selling. Like attracts likes, you have to get your match. If you are a bundle of positive energy ,you attracts the same.
Identify what drives the client to buy.

Q7. What is your selling system/process or strategy?

Q8 What medium are you selling thru?Is it thru traditional radio, social media, one on one marketing etc.

Q9 When and How do you close a sale?

(Closing strategy or Pitch).. and it must align with your promise of value after the deal is closed, even after 5 years d value still speaks.

Q10. What next?

After sealing a deal, You haven’t sold until you get a referral. A client is moved by emotions, once they get value of what you offer, they will be happy to refer you to friends so that them too will have the same feel or value they recieved.

Q11. Do you set GOALS?

You must set goals around your solutions, products or services.
A lots of people don’t know how to set goals, people never achieve 90% of their set goals.
Its a systematic thing.
People don’t achieve their goals cos of procrastination, people don’t know their success and failure model, your values is your main goal, d goal is to validate your values

Excerpt from a sales conference I attended 4 years ago facilitated by Coach Lanre Olushola

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