Black Friday & Real Estate: What You Should Know

Written By Dr Laide Okubena Olaide

Everyone knows about Black Friday deals. You’re either one of those people who waits outside for the doors to open, or you’ve seen the crowds from the safety of your television screen and social media feed.

Here’s what you may not know about Black Friday, though. Real estate agents can use the same type of deals to entice buyers. As a real estate agent , you can also help your clients take advantage of Black Friday deals. Using this retail sales ploy as an incentive to tempt buyers is a smart strategy, even during the pandemic, because it can help you to boost engagement during a slow real estate season.

Use Black Friday Sales Tactics to Boost Engagement

Black Friday is a state of mind driven by several successful sales strategies.

You can capitalize on these strategies to attract clients to your website and get referrals from former clients.

Here are some suggestions.

Offer Coupons
When potential clients fill out your contact form on your website, you can add a field for a custom Black Friday coupon, the same way retailers do.

The coupon could be for free staging fees or cover the cost of a seller’s pre-inspection.

Use the Psychology of the “Early Bird” Offer

It was also noted that consumers are used to the sales strategies perfected by Black Friday.

One of those is the “early bird” offer. On your website, you can encourage people to join your mailing list by giving away a promotional offer to everyone who signs up before Thanksgiving.

Create Direct Mail Marketing Deals
If you already have a newsletter that you send to clients each month, you can tailor November’s mailing to Black Friday deals. Consider offering former clients a prize for referrals, and make it something worthwhile, like a coupon at a nice local restaurant or an Amazon gift card.

Use Black Friday Deals to Cement Your Credibility
As a real estate agent, you don’t just help clients make real estate deals.

Successful real estate agents also help their clients get established in a new community. You become their go-to source for things like finding a great restaurant, getting a new fridge, and hiring reliable contractors.

You can use Black Friday to boost your credibility as a local expert in several ways:

Create a curated list of local Black Friday deals. A curated list, especially one that’s heavy on stores that sell home furnishings and appliances, makes an excellent seasonal freebie to offer people who sign up for your website.

Use your knowledge of Black Friday deals to stay in touch with former clients. Remember that house you sold in April, the one with the outdated stove? Contact your client and let them know about the Black Friday deals at a local Appliance store. This is a great way to cement relationships in your network.

Forge a “Black Friday alliance” with contractors. Contractors know that they can get more business if they develop a relationship with real estate agents.

Not only is there considerable work involved in preparing a home for listing, but clients also have an ongoing need for reliable contractors. See if any of the contractors you work with regularly are willing to offer a Black Friday discount exclusively to your clients. This is a great thing to advertise in a direct mail campaign.

Include exclusive Black Friday deals for buyers. Buyers might be a bit more willing to close on a real estate deal during the Black Friday season if you offer “Black Friday Deals” like covering closing costs or throwing in a home repair allowance. Deals like these make you look like a skilled negotiator as well.

When you use Black Friday deals to entice buyers, you can hopefully facilitate more home and Land sales during a time of year that’s generally slower for real estate agents. Use these tips to get yourself started.

Question of the day

Which one of this Black Friday Strategies will you try out this Last Black Friday of 2021 ?

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