The real estate sub-sector of the Nigerian economy has been described as a veritable and sure platform to further create more wealth in this era of the economic downturn in the country.
This is the humble position of Ubani Henry Chinonso, the Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of Ubahec Enterprises Nigeria Limited.

Chinonso, who also owns UBAHEC Global Services & Homes Limited, said that the real estate business creates durable wealth which can withstand and outlast the test of time.

While speaking with journalists during a recent interview, UBAHEC, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from Anambra State University, and a holder of Masters Tourism and Hotel Management from Cyprus International University (CIU) said his company UBAHEC Global Services & Homes Limited was set up to solve any problem Nigeria as a country may be facing in the real estate sector, adding that with requisite experience, the two companies are primed for success and greatness.

According to the founder of Ubahec Enterprises Nig Ltd, “Our area of specialisation is versatile in wide areas which include property developers, estate and land agents, importation of general goods and services, charity foundation, hotel, music industry, film making production. construction of road, oil and pipeline maintenance, fieldwork offshore and agriculture.”

The CEO of Ubahec Enterprises Nig. Ltd further disclosed that the activities of his two companies are majorly to create wealth.

“My experience is creative and industrious, to motivate the youths to involve and invest in the real estate business.”

The services provided by both UBAHEC Enterprises Nigeria Limited and UBAHEC Global Services & Homes Limited are unique in the competitive business environment in Nigeria

“What made my companies unique is that we are first in what we are doing. We take a cue from science and technology from some developed countries of the world. Our experience in these lines of business was taking from nations such as China, Dubai, Turkey, Vietnam and others,” he said.

He said the business has given him the opportunity of travelling around the world to get exposure to new innovations.

To the boss of Ubahec Enterprises Nig Ltd, the future looks promising for the two companies as he said that the “future objective is to undertake project development and promotion of infrastructure-related projects for enhancing industrialisation, and also to ensure that we empower the youths for them to know that real estate business is simply to get the future secured and big empowerment for job opportunities to both educated and non-educated Nigerians.

He called on Nigerian youths to tap into the positivity around social media as according to him, “Social media is the new money-making platform because they have a big influence on information dissemination, keep us updated on the ongoing trending development around the world and also help us to show the world what we can do as a people. I want to advise our youths to use the social media platforms to expose their talents and skills to the world rather than focusing on the negative aspects.”

There is no business that the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic does not affect. To the founder of Ubahec Enterprises Nig Ltd, the pandemic slowed down works on some of the projects the company was doing especially on his site.

“The pandemic really affected the project completion which we later completed immediately after COVID 19 lockdown in Nigeria. There was a hike in the prices of materials in the market and more importantly, the social distancing protocol ensured that we have few manpower on the field. We could not have enough workers as usual, so the effect was really bad and we pray never to have such experience in life again,” he said

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