Top 10 Reasons why Evergreen Estate at Epe is selling Fast

EVERGREEN ESTATE is located in one of the choicest location in EPE town. And our Estate is surrounded by landmark projects and properties like Alaro Satellite City, St Augustine university, Epe Resort and Spa, Atlantic College etc.

It is also currently selling for the promo price of *NGN900,000* with flexible payment plan of up to 12 months with very minimal addition. With a down payment of 150k you can become a landlord in EVERGREEN ESTATE.

Let me give you 10 reasons why Evergreen Estate, Epe is a fantastic deal!

1 ) Epe is part of the location called the new lagos. It is less than 25 min drive to ibeju lekki where the lagos free trade zone is located and a neighbor to dangote Refinery, the New seaport, the new airport, the smart city, several multinational companies and lots more.

2 ) When you buy land in Evergreen Estate, Epe, you have made a good investment in the new lagos. Because as the lekki Peninsula is to Victoria Island, so is Epe to Ibeju lekki.

3 ) The strategic location of the Epe town, gives it the advantage of a Gateway city. While at one end it promises to become the Residential capital of one of the largest emerging economic center in west Africa ( which is the heart of the Lagos Mega City Project ) because of its direct link to Ibeju Lekki, on the other end it has the potential to also serve as the TRANSIT HUB of all the other states in Nigeria who will be coming to do lots of business at Ibeju lekki. Epe is the only city that has the closest link to Ibeju lekki, this is the reason the infrastructure in Epe is top notch.

4 ) Epe also has one of the best Road networks in Lagos

5 ) Epe is one of the safest place to live and do business in lagos

6 ) Epe boasts of solid and working infrastructure i.e hospitals, universities, high schools, electricity etc

7 ) The location of Evergreen Estate in Epe is a freehold, meaning when you buy land you can do your survey plan immediately and begin the process of your c of o without any delay.

8 ) Evergreen Estate is completely dry land and strong, saving you the cost of having to construct a raft foundation. The cost of which sometimes is more than what you need to build a solid 5 bedroom bungalow.

9 ) Evergreen Estate is situated in a habitable area. When you buy you may start building.

10 ) Lastly and presently , Epe lands are very affordable but they appreciate very fast. So you need to buy now because you may not be able to afford it later. This land that cost NGN900,000 now, in 5 yesrs it will worth NGN4,000,000.

With a down payment of 150k you can become a landlord in EVERGREEN ESTATE.
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