Lavadia is an arcade of magnificent surroundings and exceptional estate living, a stunning home destination for every resident who seeks uppermost tranquillity and clean aesthetics. It is the ultimate spot for rest and restoration.

Location: Abraham Adesanya
Title: Governor’s Consent
Unit: 4 bedroom semi detached
Payment Plan: Up to 18 months
Initial deposit: N2.99M
Price: N55m

• Lekki Scheme 2
• Inoyo Havens
• Abraham Adesanya Estate
• Chaplain Court
• Lagos Business School
• Caleb British International School
• Atican Beach
• Barracuda Beach
• Lekki Miami Beach Resort
• MX Film and Multimedia Academy
• Novare Mall
• Lufasi Nature Park

With Urban Prime Two, we welcome you to taste the finer side of home.

Urban Prime Two: Own Something Timeless….

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